Classes Description

Creative Movemnet - Promotes physical strength, muscle & motor skill control, balance, early socialization, combining awareness of colors, numbers, letters and language development for your child

Attire: shorts, leotard, leggings, bare feet, comfortable clothes for little ones.

Ballet - A graceful, classical technique emphasizing body lines. Ballet is the base of most dance forms.

Attire: 3-6 ages - Pink, lavender or white leotard, pink tights & ballet shoes. 7+ ages - black leotard, pink tights & ballet shoes, hair in a bun.
Boys: black shorts or pants, white T-shirt and black or white ballet shoes.

Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dance is a set of partner dances, which are enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world, mostly because of its performance and entertainment aspects..

Jazz - An energetic and fun class consists of unique moves, fancy foot work, big leaps and quick turns.

Attire: dance shorts, short skirts, leggings, leotard or T-shirt, jazz shoes.

Tap - A unique American dance form producing a variety of rhythmic sounds with the feet using tap shoes.

Attire: Any comfortable clothes, tap shoes.

Hip Hop - A dynamic form of street dance, similar to what one sees in music videos.

Attire: Any comfortable clothes, clean tennis shoes.

Full Body Workout - Combines workout with weights, circuit, dance fitness, (aerobics, free weights, boot camp, kick box fitness, stretches) gives you the edge by improving agility, endurance and cardiovascular work.

Attire: shorts, sweat pants, T-shirt, clean tennis shoes.

Yoga - The word means "Join" a mental and physical combination to improve body strengthen and flexibility, help prevent injuries, release stress and energizes.

Attire: comfortable clothes and bare feet.